We believe it's essential to set the bar high and deliver each time.

At QRL Financial Services, we're dedicated to providing a high-level of service excellence with every borrower interaction. The best way to describe our loan servicing division, which concentrates fully on creating and maintaining a borrower-centric environment, would be to use words such as proactive, friendly, and responsive.

Take a look at our servicing standards:

Standard Target
Call abandonment rate 0% - 3%
Average speed of answer 0 - 45 seconds
Post payments within 24 hours 100%
Reverse NSFs same day 100%
Timely payment of real estate taxes 100%
Timely payment of hazard insurance premiums 100%
Payoffs received and processed day of receipt 100%
Release of escrow post payoff within 20 days or earlier as required by state law
Timely release and satisfaction of loan 100%

Enhanced borrower services.

Borrowers are provided access to loan information immediately and conveniently via telephone, monthly billing statements, e-statements and the internet. Remittance options include electronic debit, pay-by-phone, and payment at a branch office or online.

State-of-the-art service technology.

Servicing demands an ongoing investment in technology to stay up-to-date with new loan products and to exceed borrower expectations. At QRL Financial Services, we deliver the most advanced service technology 24/7. Through the internet or our automated telephone system, borrowers can conduct self-service transactions allowing them to enroll in auto drafting, make a payment, sign up for electronic statements, order amortization schedules, order payoff statements, and order year-end statements or copies of loan documents.

Reduce operational and compliance risk.

QRL Financial Services knows how critical it is to perform servicing functions efficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner. The consequences of not doing so can lead to fines, penalties, interest—or worse! Some of the high-risk areas that we take responsibility for on your behalf include investor remittance and reporting, delinquency control, and compliance to state and federal laws.

Minimize servicing costs.

Mortgage loan servicing can be an extremely costly and risky endeavor for financial institutions. Some of the important drivers in reducing overall servicing costs include the volume of loans to service and the maintenance of an efficient and effective servicing environment. By working with QRL Financial Services, you can eliminate fixed costs such as salaries, benefits, space, and equipment. You'll realize reduced costs for servicing mortgage loans – and know what these costs are in advance.

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With QRL Financial Services' exceptional service and efficient processes, we saw a substantial increase in loan volume in a very short period of time.  We found that they provided everything we needed all bundled in a nice neat package, and were a perfect fit for us.

Sheri Dishner
Loan Services Manager
UT Federal Credit Union